Levi Tenen
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I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Liberal Studies at Kettering University.  I received my PhD from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2020.  My research lies at the intersection of ethics, environmental philosophy, and aesthetics.  Dovetailing with this are interests in environmental law & policy, and the philosophy of technology.

In environmental philosophy, I am developing a "genre view" of public lands.  According to it, different land designations fall into different genres of land management. The view is helpful because it provides a framework for evaluating land designations in philosophically-grounded ways, linking philosophy with environmental law and policy.  I illustrate how this can be done in current projects that discuss the Antiquities Act (i.e. national monuments) and The Wilderness Act. 

In value theory, I am providing an account of how two fundamental forms of valuing differ: valuing x for its own sake and valuing x for the sake of other things.  I build on my account to refine a methodology for exploring the value of many things, including heirlooms, artworks, heritage sites, natural entities, and non-human animals.