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Levi Tenen
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I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Liberal Arts at Kettering University and incoming treasurer for the International Society for Environmental Ethics.  I received my PhD from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2020.  My research lies at the intersection of Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, and Aesthetics.  Dovetailing with this are interests in environmental law & policy, and the Philosophy of Technology.

In one branch of my research, I am developing a fitting-attitude approach to "intrinsic" value and tracing its implications in Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics.  The most recent installment is a paper, forthcoming in The Journal of Ethics, where I develop an account of how valuing an entity for its own sake differs from valuing an entity for the sake of other things.  

In another branch of my work, I am evaluating environmental laws and policies for how well they make good on different values, with special attention to how they shape the public's experience of landscapes, both natural and urban.  I illustrate this in projects forthcoming in the JAAC and Environmental Law, which discuss the Antiquities Act (i.e. national monuments), as well as works-in-progress discussing The Wilderness Act.  

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