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Levi Tenen
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I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Liberal Arts at Kettering University.  My research lies at the intersection of Ethics (esp. value theory) and Environmental Philosophy.  Dovetailing with this are interests in environmental law & policy, and Political Philosophy. 

Much of my current work develops a philosophy of public lands.  I am particularly interested in whether the values singled out in public land laws (e.g. the Antiquities Act, The Wilderness Act, etc.) are really that important, and what all might be required to protect those values today.  Building on this, I am also developing a larger work, tentatively titled Public Lands: An opinionated guide, that is geared for a broader audience.  In it, I am exploring the philosophical and policy-related questions that arise to visitors regarding the management of public lands.  

I also have work on the foundations of value.  In one paper, recently out in Journal of Ethics, I identify how valuing something for its own sake differs from valuing it for the sake of other things.  This helps develop a popular methodology for determining what things have "final" or "intrinsic" value.  In future work, I plan to refine this methodology and fill out the associated "fitting attitude" approach to value. 

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