Past Experience
Courses Taught (or to be taught) as Sole instructor

Butler University (2019-2020)

      Knowledge and Reality

      Value Theory

      Environmental Philosophy

      Classics of Social and Political Thought.

Indiana University (2015-2019)

      Business and Morality

      Philosophy and The Environment (taught twice with different syllabi)

      Introduction to Ethics

Teaching Assistant

Indiana University

      Introduction to Philosophy (main instructor: Frederick Schmitt)

      Elementary Logic (taught twice, main instructor: Mark Kaplan)


      Medieval Philosophy (main instructor: Rega Wood; 2018)

      19th-century Philosophy (main instructor: Sandra Shapshay; 2013)

Course design

      While at IU, I developed Philosophy and the Environment in entirety: I proposed the course to the IUB philosophy              faculty for inclusion in the undergraduate Course Catalogue. They approved the course and added it to the                        department’s offerings. The College and University have subsequently approved it as a “GenEd Arts & Humanities”            and “Breadth of Inquiry” course. The last time it was taught, the class was fully enrolled.

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