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Summary of experience

Courses Taught (or to be taught) as Sole instructor

Kettering University (2020-Present)

                  Moral & Ethical Philosophy

                  Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues (twice)

                  Environmental Philosophy

                  Aesthetics (scheduled spring 2021)

Butler University (2019-2020)

                  Knowledge and Reality

                  Value Theory

                  Environmental Philosophy

                  Classics of Social & Political Thought

                  Honors Thesis on Social and Political Philosophy (Student: James Ewing)

Indiana University (2015-2019)

                  Business and Morality  

                  Philosophy and The Environment (taught twice with different syllabi)

                  Introduction to Ethics  


Teaching Assistant

Indiana University (2013-2015)

            Introduction to Philosophy (main instructor: Frederick Schmitt)

            Elementary Logic (taught twice, main instructor: Mark Kaplan)


Indiana University

            Medieval Philosophy (main instructor: Rega Wood; 2018)

            19th-century Philosophy (main instructor: Sandra Shapshay; 2013)

Course design

While at IU, I developed Philosophy and the Environment in entirety: I proposed the course to the IUB philosophy faculty for inclusion in the undergraduate Course Catalogue. They approved the course and added it to the department’s offerings. The College and University have subsequently approved it as a “GenEd Arts & Humanities” and “Breadth of Inquiry” course. The course has since been fully enrolled.


Guest Lecturer

“What are rights and what’s special about them?” (Widener University, 2020).

“10 steps to writing a philosophy paper” (writing workshop for undergraduates; 2015, ‘16, ‘17).

“Schopenhauer’s Aesthetics and Metaphysics.” Guest Lecturer in D. C. McCarty’s “Classics in Philosophy of Art, 2014.

Tutoring Writing Tutorial Services Tutor, IUB, Fall 2014. 160 hours of tutoring undergraduate students on intro writing courses, business courses, advanced major courses (esp. Art History Capstone course), application materials; 1/2 of students were ESL students.

Courses I am prepared to teach

Introductory Courses

            Introduction to Ethics* (*syllabus found in my teaching portfolio)

            Introduction to Philosophy*

            Classics in Social and Political Philosophy*

            Environmental Philosophy*

            Introductory Symbolic Logic

            Applied Ethics*

            Introduction to Aesthetics

            Business Ethics*

            Animal Ethics


Intermediate and Advanced Undergraduate Courses (modifiable for graduate level)

            Value Theory: Moral, Aesthetic, and Historical*

            Ethical Theory

            Contemporary Aesthetics (survey)

            History of Aesthetics

            The Ethics of Art

            Issues in Metaethics

            Environmental Ethics & Aesthetics

            Ethics in A Time of Climate Change

            History of Ethics


            Kantian Ethics

            Love and Friendship: the ethics of relationships

            Monuments and Heritage Sites: Studies in Historical Value and Repatriation

            The Philosophy and Ethics of Leadership

Courses I would be happy to prepare with advance notice

Introductory Courses

            Gender, Race, and Sexuality

            Contemporary Social Issues

            Critical Thinking

            Philosophy of Religion

            Philosophy of Law

            Philosophy of Technology

            LGBTQ+ Philosophy

            Philosophy of Sport

            The Meaning of Life

            Death, Dying, and the Afterlife

            Contemporary Social Issues

Intermediate and Advanced level

            Philosophical Methods (covers methodologies and research practices in philosophy)

            Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy

            Aesthetics and Modern Art (co-teachable with a professor of Art or Art History).

            Contemporary Metaphysics

            19th Century Philosophy

            Ancient Philosophy

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